Obama’s Numbers

In a recent (if bizarre) discussion of Obama’s record, I noted that Obama’s numbers just aren’t that good.

Unemployment Rate:

During Obama’s first term, unemployment actually increased.

Jan. 2009 (beginning of Obama’s first term): 7.8%
Jan. 2013 (beginning of Obama’s second term): 8.0%
Apr. 2015 (latest figure): 5.4%

For comparison, the average unemployment rate for 2007 (the year before the financial crisis) was 4.6%.

Federal Deficit:

Obama has been spending money like a drunken sailor. With Congress no longer willing to rubber stamp any more crazy schemes to flush money down the toilet as if it were poo (thanks to the Republicans taking control of the House in 2010), the deficit has come down from its monumental peak in FY 2009, but it has yet to return to what was considered normal during the Bush years. Compare Obama’s record to a similar five year period under Bush:

Average over Obama’s term (FY 2010 – FY 2014): $968.8 billion
Average over last five FYs of Bush’s term (FY 2005 – FY 2009): $519.6 billion

Politically, Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office has been a colossal failure. He has manged to lose both houses of Congress, and on the state level, his party has lost 8 governorships and 16 state legislatures.

His foreign policy can only be described as a combination of timidity, obsequiousness, and schizophrenia. The Middle East and North Africa are the least stable that they have been in half a century. Under Obama’s “leadership” from behind, we have brand-new, rising terrorist states, a murdered US ambassador, and now, Obama is eagerly pushing a deal with Iran that will let them develop their own nuclear weapons! (Gee … what could possibly go wrong there?)

Finally, for a guy who has won a Nobel Peace Prize, Obama sure enjoys assassinating people (guilty or innocent) with unmanned drones.

If he were being graded on his presidency, Obama would score an F. I find it stunning that anyone would want — would be stupid enough — to defend this record. But it appears that just pointing out simple, clear facts is somehow called “racist.” And that, my friends, is Black Privilege.


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