The Liberal Mindset

On Liberal Democrats:

I have many friends who are Democrats — some reflexively, some rather liberal — and they all share a certain naiveté. It’s as if their brains stopped developing after reaching the primary-school level. Rather than use their heads to think, they’re stuck on simplified kids’ rules like “be nice to each other,” and “don’t run with scissors.”

So to them, people cannot be bad, unless they match some sort of comic-book-style arch-villain stereotype, like George Bush or Dick Cheney, that they’ve been spoon fed like apple sauce to an infant. Career criminals and groups like the ruling caste of Iran (but I repeat myself) are simply “misunderstood”; they’re not “bad.” Furthermore, anything that they do not understand, like semi-automatic firearms or nuclear power, is off limits and should be against the rules. We’re not allowed to run with scissors, after all, are we?

They are also some of the most selfish, self-centered people that I know. It’s as if they live their entire lives asking, “What’s in it for me?” And this is not only in the United States. In socialist France, if you have something to sell and you want it to move, label it with “+10% gratuit” (meaning “10% more free”). It’ll sell like hotcakes, because they think that they’re getting something for nothing (they never pay attention to the actual price). That is a common theme in Liberal thinking too.

Sadly, these people are too lost in their little world of iPhones, Facebook, DailyKos, and other distractions to pay attention to the important issues. They have no clue about what’s coming if the Liberals in charge actually get their way and are able to force through their agenda. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.


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