The Liberal Mindset

On Liberal Democrats:

I have many friends who are Democrats — some reflexively, some rather liberal — and they all share a certain naiveté. It’s as if their brains stopped developing after reaching the primary-school level. Rather than use their heads to think, they’re stuck on simplified kids’ rules like “be nice to each other,” and “don’t run with scissors.”

So to them, people cannot be bad, unless they match some sort of comic-book-style arch-villain stereotype, like George Bush or Dick Cheney, that they’ve been spoon fed like apple sauce to an infant. Career criminals and groups like the ruling caste of Iran (but I repeat myself) are simply “misunderstood”; they’re not “bad.” Furthermore, anything that they do not understand, like semi-automatic firearms or nuclear power, is off limits and should be against the rules. We’re not allowed to run with scissors, after all, are we?

They are also some of the most selfish, self-centered people that I know. It’s as if they live their entire lives asking, “What’s in it for me?” And this is not only in the United States. In socialist France, if you have something to sell and you want it to move, label it with “+10% gratuit” (meaning “10% more free”). It’ll sell like hotcakes, because they think that they’re getting something for nothing (they never pay attention to the actual price). That is a common theme in Liberal thinking too.

Sadly, these people are too lost in their little world of iPhones, Facebook, DailyKos, and other distractions to pay attention to the important issues. They have no clue about what’s coming if the Liberals in charge actually get their way and are able to force through their agenda. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.


Montagues and Capulets

On the Clintons and the Obamas:

Remember the good old days, when the struggle was between the New York Crime Families and the Chicago Outfit? They used to fight each other and kill each other over their illegal activities, but they would leave everyone else alone.

These days, the struggle is between the New York Crime Family and the Chicago Outfit. Now, they run for President and they socialize health care and they send the IRS to abuse their political enemies and they just won’t leave anyone else alone.

San Francisco

On the death of Kate Steinle:

I hear that one of the folk music groups is working on a follow-up to that famous song by The Mamas & the Papas from the 60’s.

Only this time it’s set to Mariachi music, and the lyrics go, “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some Kevlar on your chest.”

Godwin’s Law

On comparisons between Obama and Hitler:

Have you read that new pamphlet that blames [Obama] for starting WWII?

Yes, I have, and I must say that it was wrong and confused. The confusion is understandable, however, because WWII was caused by another narcissistic megalomaniac who aspired to be dictator and thought that he was destined by God (or Allah or whomever) to do great things, but who merely ended up creating a mess and taking down his country with him.

If you find yourself being confused, just remember that the first one (the one responsible for WWII) actually managed to win a few battles. So their records are not entirely similar.

Great stock market under Clinton

On Clinton’s record of having a “great stock market”:

Clinton’s record was helped by the popularization of the Internet, which resulted in a “dot-com” bubble. Fortunately for him and his record, the bubble burst after he left office, leaving G. W. Bush a recession on his hands early in his first term.

But never mind Clinton, the stock market is doing great under Obama!!

During Clinton’s time in office, the S&P 500 rose 193%. That’s an average increase of 24% a year. Since Obama took in office, the S&P 500 has risen 190%, but Obama’s term isn’t over yet. That’s an annual rate of growth of 30%.

Do you feel like the economy is soaring along? Do you feel better off today than you did eight years ago? A bear stock market such as the one we have now helps the “1%.” This is why “income inequality” (if you care about such things) has become worse under Obama’s watch.

Producing a great stock market is not rocket science. All it requires is pressuring the Fed to keep interest rates low (forcing investors away from bonds and into the stock market) and printing lots of money that is given to Goldman Sachs (a.k.a., “quantitative easing”) to ensure that Wall Street investors have lots of money to invest.

Presto! Instant bull market!

It all works well until the rest of the world begins to realize how crazy it all is and how worthless American fiat money is becoming. That’s when the fecal matter impacts the rotary impeller. But by then, Obama will be out of office and charging tens of thousands of dollars per speech.

And people will be saying about the man, “Great stock market under Obama.”

Affirmative Action

On Obama and Affirmative Action:

Obama was selected as an editor for the Harvard Law Review, not for his grades, but because he is (half) black.

Don’t take my word for it. Take a look at what the Harvard Law Review‘s website (link) says about it (bold mine):

“Twenty editors are selected based solely on their competition scores. Fourteen editors (two from each 1L section) are selected based on a combination of their first-year grades and their competition scores. The remaining editors are selected on a discretionary basis. Some of these discretionary slots may be used to implement the Review’s affirmative action policy.

He then went on to become the Review‘s first African-American president. Are you really stupid enough to fool yourself into believing that this was not due to Affirmative Action?!!

He went on to become the US’s first African-American president pretty much for the same reason.

This is a man who, until 2008, had done nothing notable his entire life. The man himself admits that he basically coasted in high school, getting mediocre grades and leading a group of stoners. While at the Review he published only one (anonymous) piece in the journal himself. While in the Senate, he did nothing that was particularly outstanding or noteworthy, except be the only African American serving in the Senate at the time. He was basically just a token and a steady, reliable vote for the Democratic Party agenda.

In fact, before being elected in 2008, Obama’s greatest (and practically only) accomplishment was authoring a couple of books … about himself! … demonstrating that he is not only mediocre but also narcissistic.

Obama’s Numbers

In a recent (if bizarre) discussion of Obama’s record, I noted that Obama’s numbers just aren’t that good.

Unemployment Rate:

During Obama’s first term, unemployment actually increased.

Jan. 2009 (beginning of Obama’s first term): 7.8%
Jan. 2013 (beginning of Obama’s second term): 8.0%
Apr. 2015 (latest figure): 5.4%

For comparison, the average unemployment rate for 2007 (the year before the financial crisis) was 4.6%.

Federal Deficit:

Obama has been spending money like a drunken sailor. With Congress no longer willing to rubber stamp any more crazy schemes to flush money down the toilet as if it were poo (thanks to the Republicans taking control of the House in 2010), the deficit has come down from its monumental peak in FY 2009, but it has yet to return to what was considered normal during the Bush years. Compare Obama’s record to a similar five year period under Bush:

Average over Obama’s term (FY 2010 – FY 2014): $968.8 billion
Average over last five FYs of Bush’s term (FY 2005 – FY 2009): $519.6 billion

Politically, Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office has been a colossal failure. He has manged to lose both houses of Congress, and on the state level, his party has lost 8 governorships and 16 state legislatures.

His foreign policy can only be described as a combination of timidity, obsequiousness, and schizophrenia. The Middle East and North Africa are the least stable that they have been in half a century. Under Obama’s “leadership” from behind, we have brand-new, rising terrorist states, a murdered US ambassador, and now, Obama is eagerly pushing a deal with Iran that will let them develop their own nuclear weapons! (Gee … what could possibly go wrong there?)

Finally, for a guy who has won a Nobel Peace Prize, Obama sure enjoys assassinating people (guilty or innocent) with unmanned drones.

If he were being graded on his presidency, Obama would score an F. I find it stunning that anyone would want — would be stupid enough — to defend this record. But it appears that just pointing out simple, clear facts is somehow called “racist.” And that, my friends, is Black Privilege.